Mr. Lordi

Mr. Lordi       


Name (Herkunft, Bedeutung):                   Lordi (gleiche Bedeutung wie das englische Wort
Name (origin, meaning):                            Lordi (same meaning as the english word „lord“, 
                                                                 „Lord“, er erhielt diesen Spitznamen schon als Kind)
                                                                  he already got the name, when he was a child

Monster:                                                    na…. Mr. Lordi eben J
Monster:                                                    well… ehm…Mr. Lordi J

Selbstgewählte Bezeichnung:                    - The on-treader, the unholy overlord of tremors
Self-chosen term:                                     - The most fearsome khan of all
                                                                  - Count nosferatu
                                                                  - The bastard son of thousand megalomaniacs
                                                                  - Biomechanic man
                                                                  - Fanged giant monster, glowing red eyes, dressed in
                                                                    symbiotic armour
                                                                  - Cyberundertaker, the hulk on hell

Instrument:                                                seine Stimme (und was für eine…)
Instrument:                                his voice (and what a voice…)

Geburtstag:                                                15. Februar
Birthday:                                                    15 of february

Lieblingsessen:                                            Pizza, genauer: Gemischte Fleischpizza
Favourite food:                                          Pizza, precisely: Mixed Meat-Pizza

Lieblingsgetränk:                          -
Favourite drink:                           -


Anmerkungen und weitere Details:    

- Gründer der Band
- Founder of the band  
- Mr. Lordi hat aufgrund ihrer Größe Angst vor Pferden
- Mr. Lordi is afraid of horses, because of their size

Notes and further details:


"Being a hero is easy: you just have to win the Eurovision Song Contest, apparently. Until a few weeks ago the whole nation was against us totally - they did not want us to represent Finland. Now all the magazines in Finland are printing LORDI masks for children. There´s not much logic going on inside. But let´s face it, people are stupid."

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